Mechanical engineering major earns recognition with national scholarships

Mechanical engineering and global health junior Katie Pascavis was recently named a Goldwater Scholar and is among four nominees for the Udall Scholarship. Pascavis is a Flinn Scholar, an honors student in Arizona State University’s Barrett, The Honors College and she is pursuing a minor in sustainability. She is also president of Engineerins without Borders and works in the Luminosity Lab and the Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment Engineering Research Center on a variety of impactful projects. She plans to earn an environmental engineering doctoral degree and conduct research in the area of clean water access.

Pascavis is one of four outstanding undergraduates who earned 2022 Goldwater Scholarships, the most prestigious award in the U.S. for undergraduate researchers studying natural sciences, engineering and mathematics. She joins Fulton Schools electrical engineering major Jasmin Falconer, astrophysics major Claire Blaske and chemistry major Lauren Harstad as the ASU awardees — which for the first time are all women. Learn more about Pascavis’ research and what it means to be a Goldwater Scholar.

The Udall Scholarship is a national scholarship that honors sophomores and juniors who demonstrate excellence in leadership, public service, and Native American and environmental causes. Pascavis is one of four ASU sophomores and juniors nominated for the scholarship in 2022. The potential scholars apply in either the environmental or tribal policy and Native health care categories. Pascavis joins School of Life Sciences junior Nicole Kaiser in the environment category. Read more about the four Udall Scholar nominees and the significance of the Udall Scholarship.