Congratulations to our mortarboard contest winners!

Grads celebrate on stage at Fulton Schools Convocation.

The class of 2022 did an excellent job of engineering their mortarboards and hardhats at the Spring 2022 Fulton Schools Convocation ceremony! So many of you put in a lot of hard work, making it difficult to narrow it down. Our top four were chosen from contest submissions and will receive swag packages.

And the winners areā€¦

A decorated mortarboard with the space shuttle and the words: It's time to try defying gravity.
Grace, BSE aerospace engineering
A decorated mortarboard that says 2022 ASU BS Computer Science Honors
Lucy, BS computer science
A decorated mortarboard themed on Star Wars that says: system.ut.println ("I am one with the code and the code is with me") 2022
Kyle, BS software engineering
A decorated mortarboard that says "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." - Booker T. Washington. Class of 2022. There is a photo of the grad and a relative with the words "I'm missing you," the hashtag #FlyHighOwen and a cassette tape labeled "Made in the 80s."
Lorence, operations management