Academic Integrity Office Tips for Students: Examinations

Academic Integrity Tips for Students

No matter how much you prepare, it is inevitable that you will feel a bit more stressed than usual when preparing to take a mid-term or final exam. While some stress can be beneficial, you need to work toward minimizing high levels of stress that will have a negative impact on your performance, and on rare occasions can make a person do something they regret. Here are a few tips to consider when preparing for examinations:

  • Start early and study more than you think you will need.
  • As much as possible, cut out any activity that is unnecessary and a distraction to your academic success. Study first, play later!
  • To stay mentally fresh, take a short 10-minute break after each hour of study time.
  • Develop a study and test-taking routine that you can replicate for each exam. Your body and mind like routines β€” set it and stick with it.
  • Show up early for the exam, or if online, do not wait until the last minute to get your computer properly set up.
  • Think about the power of breathing. If you feel anxious, stop what you are doing and take one or two deep breaths and relax.
  • If you find yourself struggling with an exam, accept it and just tell yourself, β€œIt’s OK. I will learn from this and do better next time.”

For more information, check out the Academic Integrity Office website and the Fulton Schools Resources page.

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