Academic Integrity Office tips for students: Following instructions

Academic Integrity Tips for Students

Every class exam, assignment or job project has a set of instructions or regulations that must be followed. Ignorance of instructions or regulatory guidelines is never a valid excuse, so be sure to always know what the ground rules are before starting a new assignment or project. Here are few additional best practices to consider:

  • Read quiz/exam instructions thoroughly and, if available, always take the practice exam to ensure you understand the instructions properly.
  • If assignment instructions are unclear, email the instructor or teaching assistant for clarification.
  • If there are no assignment instructions, remember: You are also bound by the guidelines/instructions in the course syllabus, so follow them closely.
  • When citing sources, follow your professor’s instructions carefully so that you are certain you are giving attribution in the way your instructor wants it presented on their assignment.
  • If your instructor’s syllabus and assignment instructions do not mention generative AI, do not assume it is an allowable resource. Ask them before using it.  

Please visit the Academic Integrity Office website and the Fulton Schools Resources page for links to the Fulton Schools Tutoring Centers and other resources that are available to support your success.