Academic Integrity Office tips for students: Learning from your mistakes

Academic Integrity Tips for Students

As ASU continues to challenge itself to provide the conditions needed to help you learn anything, it’s important to remember that you can do the same thing in your own life! Doing this requires you to ask yourself honestly if you are creating the conditions in your life that allow you to reach your full potential. One way that students often struggle to reach their potential is to keep studying the same way each week, regardless of whether it was a good week, or a bad one. 

One tip for dealing with a bad week is to be committed to learning from your mistakes. Once you see both your assignment successes, and failures, as opportunities to improve your personal learning system, it’s a game changer. At the end of each week, think about the study habits that worked well for you and those that didn’t. After doing this reflection, be ruthless in your commitment to further replicate only the winning habits and eliminate the actions that did not produce the results that you want. This is an ongoing process but if you commit to reinforcing your winning habits and cutting the losing habits, you will make quick progress towards having a personal system that enables you to learn anything.

Please visit the Academic Integrity Office website and the Fulton Schools Resources page for links to the Engineering Tutoring Center and other resources that are available to support your student success.

Meme image that essentially says, "Why beat yourself up for performing poorly when instead you can learn from your mistakes?".