Fulton Schools news roundup

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New on Full Circle

Fulton Schools dean honored for environmental engineering achievements
Paul Johnson, dean of ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, is recognized for work to protect human health from impacts of soil and water contaminants. Read more.

Haynes makes case to Congress for sustaining synthetic biology research
ASU synthetic biologist Karmella Haynes helped deliver a message to Congress about the critical need to support biomedical engineering. Read more

Innovative medical device modeling software sparks tech startup
A new business venture based on technology developed by ASU biomedical engineers has earned support from Arizona’s economic development agency and other entrepreneurship backers. Read more

Work on contaminant removal methods earns research paper awards
An ASU engineering postdoctoral research associate and a doctoral student won best research paper awards at a major environmental engineering conference. Read more.

In the news

3-D heart model library grows at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (KJZZ radio news)
The 3-D Cardiac Print Lab is aiding Phoenix Children’s Hospital in effectively treating congenital heart defects. The lab is producing 3-D models that provide anatomically precise depictions of patient’s hearts, which help physicians map various surgical strategies based on each individual’s specific condition. The lab’s capabilities are the result of processes developed by Arizona State University bioengineers David Frakes and Justin Ryan. Frakes is an associate professor in the School of Biological and Heath Systems Engineering and the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, two of ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Ryan is a biomedical engineering doctoral student. They’re using 3-D animation and printing technologies to fashion heart models. KJZZ, a National Public Radio affiliate, reported on the potential their work has to significantly improve cardiac care. Read the text of the broadcast report. (There’s an audio bar above the photos next to the text.)

ASU engineering alum interviewed on ‘The Colbert Report’
Oscar Vasquez, who graduated from the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University with a degree in mechanical engineering, was one of four members of a team of Phoenix high school students that in 2004 won a national underwater robotics competition over several teams of college students. The team’s story is told in the new documentary film “Underwater Dreams.” Vasquez and the film’s director, Mary Mazzio, will be interviewed about the young students’ surprising victory on tonight’s (July 23) broadcast of the nationally popular show “The Colbert Report.” Read more and see a recording of the program.

Ask Well: Nanoparticles in sunscreens (New York Times)
Nanoparticles that are increasingly used in consumer products have raised questions about potential health risks from regular or prolonged exposure to these materials. One such question – about titanium dioxide nanoparticles used in sunscreens – was the focus of a New York Times health blog. The writer turned to Paul Westerhoff, a professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment. He leads research to study what impacts nanomaterials may have on human health and the environment. In the article, Westerhoff explains what is known and yet unknown about any effects of using sunscreen with titanium dioxide. Read more

Lessons learned from geo-legends (Geo-Strata magazine)
ASU engineering professor Edward Kavazanjian is featured in a recent issue of Geo-Strata, the magazine of the Geo-Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers. In each edition, the magazine includes an interview with a prominent geotechnical engineer the editors consider a “Geo-Legend” based on the engineer’s significant contributions to the field. Kavaznajian, a faculty member in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, has a record of achievement that has earned him membership in the National Academy of Engineering. In the interview, he gives his perspectives on technological advances, research, education, career opportunities and industry issues related to the geotechnical engineering field. Read more

Research suggests gut microbes impact autism (Voice of America – Health News)
ASU engineers James Adams and Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown are among experts spotlighted in a report on new research indicating a connection between a less diverse population of microbes in the human gut and children with autism. Adams is a professor in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy and director of ASU’s Autism/Asbergers Research Program. Krajmalnik-Brown is an associate professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment with a lab in ASU’s Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology. They discuss how autism may not be  only a disorder of the brain but also of the gut. Watch the video and read the text

Arizona Technology and Innovation: ASU EcoCAR 3 (Horizon)
Polytechnic School assistant professor Abdel Mayyas was interviewed on the KAET-Channel 8 public affairs program “Horizon” about the ASU student team participating in the EcoCar 3 competition. The team of automotive engineering students is at work transforming a Chevrolet Camaro to run on alternative fuels. Mayyas is the team lead faculty advisor. The ASU squad is among teams from 16 universities chosen out of 100 applicants to be in the Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition EcoCar 3 program. Watch the interview

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Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week — Applying for jobs on campus

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With the beginning of the fall semester only a few weeks away, this is the time of the year when many offices on campus are and will be hiring student workers. Job descriptions are found on the “student employment “ website:  https://students.asu.edu/employment/search  

This is also the time of the year when I will be hearing from frustrated  colleagues who are reviewing  resumes as they are in the process of hiring for those positions. The calls, emails and sometimes even actual examples let me know that I still have lots of work to do to help students in this area.

In my workshops and individual appointments, the most important concept I stress is the importance of customizing the resume for each and every position. So, if you are applying for a position on campus that requires skills and experience in event planning, teaching or interacting with office visitors, the resume should look very different from one that you would use to apply for a technical position or internship!

A resume for an event planning position should give examples of  your roles in the events you worked at or managed. The bullets should demonstrate your organizational skills, communicating with others, solving logistical problems and meeting deadlines. If you are applying for a teaching or a coaching position, your bullets should highlight listening, successfully explaining material and motivating others. If you are applying to work in an office where you are greeting people and answering phones, communication skills and evidence of outstanding customer service need to be described.

If the position is asking for certain majors or years in school, only apply if you meet the criteria!

The first paragraph of your cover letter should include the position title and number for which you are applying. In the body of the letter, tell why the position interests you and what you will do to contribute to the department in that position. The letter should give the reader an idea about your personality and demonstrate your written communication skills and style.

DO NOT take a generic cover letter that you found online and simply change a few words. That is not a customized letter!

Well, I just got off the phone with a colleague who is reviewing resumes for a competitive internship. Both of us agree that the candidates are probably much stronger than what she was seeing in the resumes.

Applying for internships and jobs can be time consuming if it is done properly. Even though each resume is different, there are some basic principles that are always applicable. Use your career center!

Look at the online workshops: http://more.engineering.asu.edu/career/develop-personal-toolkit/ and tips from Career Spots. http://more.engineering.asu.edu/career/

Attend live workshops and resume reviews at upcoming Friday “prep sessions”.

Read job descriptions carefully and follow directions.

Create resumes that will make hiring managers iommediately reach for the phone to call you for an interview!


Joyce Donahue is a Career Coach in the Fulton Engineering Career Center. She is a Nationally Certified Career Counselor and holds “Master Career Counselor” membership status in the National Career Development Association.

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Jobs and internships – week of July 28

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Did you know you can use Sun Devil CareerLink (SDCL) to search degree-related job opportunities and internships, upload your résumés for recruiting employers to view, schedule on-campus interviews and see who’s recruiting at engineering career events throughout the year? If you’re not taking advantage of this resource, register for SDCL today. Want to learn more? Check out this SDCL Quick Reference GuideThis week there are 316 Fulton-related postings in SDCL!

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Residential Review Board looking for Tempe campus chairpersons

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Chairpersons will be selected through an application and interview process that will be led by a committee made up of previous RRB Advisers, professional staff members and representatives of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR).

Chairpersons will be responsible for administratively managing and hearing cases each week, recruiting general members and jointly planning training and development activities for the RRB. On average, the role of a chairperson should take 15 hours per week during the academic year. Chairpersons will be compensated based on an hourly pay rate of $8.70.

Apply online at students.asu.edu/employment/search

  • Click on Search On-Campus Jobs.
  • Click on Search openings.
  • Search by REQ #: 5913BR.
  • Close date is August 4, 2014.
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Become part of the Tell-a-Devil Network

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Learn more about the Tell-a-Devil Network at telladevil.asufoundation.org

Hey Sun Devils! The ASU Foundation is currently looking to hire students for their Tell-a-Devil Network, which is comprised of enthusiastic Arizona State University students who serve as fundraising representatives of the university. Each year, the network raises nearly $1 million in support of scholarships, programs, faculty research and more from alumni, parents and friends of ASU.


Tell a Devil

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