Show us your spirit — be an exhibitor at Homecoming, Nov. 14

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2015_Homecoming_Logo_color_200x200Fulton Schools of Engineering rocks the Sun Devil Homecoming Block Party with hands-on activities, demonstrations and live performances!

Are you part of an Fulton Schools student organization or competitive team? The Homecoming Block Party is a great event to reach students, alumni and the next generation of engineers and innovators.

ASU Homecoming – Forever Bold, Maroon and Gold
Saturday, November 14, 2015
Don’t wait! Sign up today to reserve an exhibit space.

Homecoming qualifies for Dean’s Funding.

Homecoming parade begins four hours before Football Game.
Block Party begins immediately following parade.

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Register for the Engineers Without Borders-USA Mountain Regional Conference, Nov. 6-8

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Engineers without borders

The 2015 EWB-USA Mountain Regional Conference will be hosted by EWB-USA Arizona State University & Phoenix Professional Chapters. Problem solvers and thought leaders are invited to attend this event to collaborate, teach, share best practices and to identify and design appropriate solutions to common obstacles in community-driven development.

EWB-USA Mountain Regional Conference
Friday, November 6, 2015 – Sunday, November 8, 2015
Memorial Union (MU), Tempe campus [map]
Register at

What’s the conference about?

The Conference will be hosted at ASU, with over 150 students and engineering professionals expected to attend, over 30 chapters from across seven mountain region states. The EWB USA national and regional leadership will be present. The Conference will represent projects in over 15 countries internationally.

Attendees will receive hands-on, mission-centered training and they will be able to network with fellow EWB members and local engineering firms  and share their best practices.

Intensive Workshops

The Mountain Region is hosting EWB-USA’s Intensive Workshops which will provide members with the opportunity to gain knowledge on topics chosen by the region in an interactive and dynamic learning experience. These workshops have been designed to provide members with a learning experience usually found at expensive seminars and will be hosted by leaders in the field.

ewb1What are the sessions like?

  • Hands on training sessions on Solar electricity and Surveying
  • Case studies on Kenya, Bolivia, and Haiti
  • Open Discussions on Project Management, Engineering Design, and Water Testing
  • Networking and Student-to-Professional Transition
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Save the date for Order of the Engineer, Nov. 24

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Order of the Engineer

Seniors at the Order of the Engineer ceremony show off their pitchforks and pinky rings.

Fall 2015 graduating seniors and alumni of ABET-accredited programs as well as Professional Engineers, licensed in the United States, are invited to attend. Participants may bring a guest.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
6–7:30 p.m.
Memorial Union Mohave Room, Tempe campus [map]
Registration coming soon
$15 for students, $30 for faculty, alumni and professionals

Attire for this event is business casual. Registration includes the ceremonial ring.

Order of the Engineer is a commitment to uphold the Oath in engineering practice. The Order consists of individuals seeking to uphold the integrity, honesty and values all engineers should possess to better society. It is a lifelong commitment that begins with this Ring Ceremony. The ring is a symbol of the commitment to the Oath and is worn on the small finger of the working hand.

Learn more about the history of the Order of the Engineer or check out the frequently asked questions.

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Fulton Schools news roundup

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Local Motors, ASU partner on high-tech materials R&D for 3D-printed car
Local Motors has joined the Polytechnic School’s eProjects program, which connects students and faculty with cutting-edge technology companies. The Local Motors-ASU team will advance materials research into 3D-printed automotive parts, which will be used on the world’s first 3D-printed cars. Read on Full Circle



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Maroon team wins second place at Academic Bowl

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Wesley Fullmer, Prad Kadambi, Rohan Murty and Daniel Martin celebrate after a correct answer in the final round of the ASU Academic Bowl. Photographer: Courtney Pedroza/ASU Now

Congratulations to the Academic Bowl participants for the Fulton Schools of Engineering. the Engineering Maroon team earned a second place overall finish, falling in the finals to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences maroon team.

It was the fourth straight appearance in the finals from Engineering maroon. The team includes Wesley Fullmer (electrical engineering), Daniel Martin (computer systems engineering), Matt Askins (aerospace engineering), Prad Kadambi (electrical engineering) and Rohan Murty (chemical engineering). The team earned a total of $10,000 in scholarships for the effort.

Also participating in the Academic Bowl was the Engineering gold team. The gold team includes Andrew Hoetker (chemical engineering), Miggy Eusebio (computer science), Allan Garry (aerospace engineering), Jon Malapit (electrical engineering) and Enoch Kim (computer science engineering).

The ASU Academic Bowl is an academic contest between colleges throughout the university. Questions are not limited to any discipline, and test knowledge from literature and social sciences to math, science and engineering, as well as popular culture, current events and sports. Tryouts for next year’s Academic Bowl will be in early fall 2016. Watch Inner Circle for announcements.

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Register for FSE 194 Exploring Leadership Potential

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Are you interested in developing your leadership skills? In FSE 194 Exploring Leadership Potential you will do just that and more.

This course is a preliminary look into the aspects of leadership and leadership development through understanding what leadership is, understanding Emotional Intelligent Leadership, leadership in Fulton, leadership in the community and building a leadership philosophy or practice.

In the fast-paced career world, your leadership abilities will set you apart from the rest of your peers. If you are looking to advance or gain leadership skills, this is the class for you. Register for the spring 2016 semester!


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Seminar: RF Power Amplification for Wireless UE / BTS, Oct. 28

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Joseph Staudinger, Oct. 28, GWC 487

Download and share the flier

RF Power Amplification for Wireless UE / BTS
Joseph Staudinger, Freescale Semiconductor

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
4–5 p.m.
Goldwater Center (GWC) 487, Tempe campus [map]

Abstract: High performance power amplifier (PA) solutions and transmitters are needed to address today’s cellular mobile User Equipment (UE) and infrastructure Base Transmit Systems (BTS). RF PA architectures with names such as Envelope Tracking (ET), Average Power Tracking (APT), Switched Stage (SS) and Doherty are commonly bandied about in academia and industry—and they are the most certainly topics of advanced research as well as implemented in today’s cellular UE/BTS hardware. This presentation will briefly review operational and functional constraints and provide some insight into attributes which make them attractive solutions for given situations.

Bio: Joseph Staudinger is a power amplifier and RF technologist at Freescale. His work is focused in the areas of RF high power amplification and transmitter components for wireless infrastructure applications, advanced PA architectures, and non-linear behavioral modeling. Staudinger is a Freescale Fellow, a Fellow of the IEEE, and a faculty associate at ASU teaching EEE598, RF Transmitters and Amplifiers. He is very active in the IEEE, where he has served on various technical committees and conferences. He holds more than 50 patents, filed and/or issued.



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Ask for more time — Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

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Lots of interviewing took place on campus last week in the days after the career fairs. In fact, there were students who had multiple interviews with different employers. Several students have recently approached me with the same questions: “What should I do if I get an offer from one company while I’m still interviewing with others? What if my first choice company isn’t the first one to make an offer?”

I have a few suggestions for handling those situations. First of all, make lists and comparisons for each of your interviews. Note the positives and the negatives for each position. What do you like about each of the companies? What do you still need to find out? (Continue your company research—including learning about possible locations, connecting with people who work there, and preparing questions to ask at the next interview.) Pay special attention to the work you will be doing. What kind of training can you expect? How do the mission of the companies and the responsibilities of the positions fit with your personal values and career goals? Based on your current knowledge, rank the opportunities in order of your preferences.

Once there is an actual offer, it is permissible to ask for more time. Be polite and sensitive to the company’s need to fill positions.

Example: “Would it be possible for me to have two more weeks to make my decision? I am very interested in your organization but am still in the process of interviewing. I would like to consider all my options before making a decision.” (Note: you do not have to mention the names of the other companies.)

Also, contact other companies you are working with and let them know that you have an offer and a deadline. Ask if there is any possibility for their decision to be made sooner.

Granted, companies can refuse to extend deadlines and you need to be prepared to make your decisions accordingly. The situation you most want to avoid is accepting a position and backing out later. Be proactive by politely asking for extra time if you need it.


Joyce Donahue is a Career Counselor in the Fulton Schools Career Center. She is a nationally certified career counselor and holds Master Career Counselor membership status in the National Career Development Association.

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Apply for internship with City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department

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The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department is seeking student interns in engineering related fields to perform a number of potential projects in the traffic services section.

Example projects for interns may include:

  • Create AutoCAD striping drawings of proposed and existing bike lanes.
  • Utilize GIS to develop various bicycle route and parking meter maps.
  • Analyze bicycle lane retrofits on existing streets.
  • Analysis of crash records to write and publish City of Phoenix Citywide Collision Summary. Analysis will involve reading and tabulating individual crash reports and developing report for publication on the City of Phoenix website of collision statistics including frequencies, demographics and collision manner. Candidate will be expected to present results and periodic project updates to Department and City staff.
  • Complete traffic studies: safety studies, traffic impact studies, traffic signal timing studies, parking analysis, bicycle and pedestrian studies, and traffic control warrant studies.
  • Assist with tasks and projects related to traffic operations which may include performing field measurements, video observation, tabulation and analysis, manual counts and highway capacity calculations.

Required skills
Proficient AutoCAD and GIS skills. Symbols and terminology used in civil, transportation or electronic engineering drawings. Ability to perform independent research on the internet (if necessary). Fluent in English. Basic high school math including algebra. Ability to communicate well with others both verbally and in writing. Ability to work for large portions of the day on tasks unsupervised.

Acceptable experience and training:
Enrollment in any engineering or science degree program. Preference given to civil and transportation engineering majors.

Schedule is flexible but students should be willing to work minimum 10 and 20 hours per week during the normal office hours 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Special note:
This is a non-paid internship.

Applications are being accepted now. Send your résumé and cover letter to Richard Russ at Please be sure to detail your availability now through the end of semester.

Questions? Contact Richard Russ at or 602-262-7173.

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Attend Fulton School’s Día de los Muertos Event, Nov. 2

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Join the Fulton Schools of Engineering for a Día de los Muertos Dinner & Discussion in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Monday, November 2, 2015
5–6:30 p.m.
Engineering Center F-wing (ECF) 130, Tempe campus [map]
Register today

Día de los Muertos is largely a Mexican tradition that is tied with the Indigenous Mexcian heritage. Día de los Muertos traces its origins to two 20-day festivals that were once a part of the Mexican (Aztec) ceremonial calendar.

The first, Miccailhuitontli, which means Feast to the Revered Deceased, honored deceased children. The second, Huey Miccailhuitontli, which means Feast to the Greatly Revered Deceased, honored deceased adults.

After the Spanish colonization of Mexico, the celebration transformed into Catholic tradition with All Saints Day. November 1-2 mark the celebratory time of life and honor those that have passed. Ofrendas, or offerings, are made for the loved ones as death for the Mexican and other indigenous peoples was not seen as final, but rather as a place of silence and regeneration; a natural part of life.

Come learn more about Día de los Muertos and celebrate your loved ones that have passed.

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Update your professional portrait during open studio hours

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The Fulton Schools of Engineering provide free professional portraits to all Fulton Engineering students, faculty and staff. These photos can be used for LinkedIn profiles, FURI student abstracts, news stories, student organization directories or the ASU directory.

Take advantage of open studio hours to update your professional portraits—no appointment necessary. Wear business attire; neutral colors are best—avoid stripes or patterns. Black and other dark colors are fine.

Please bring your Sun Card or have your ASU ID number ready.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015
9:30–10:30 a.m.
Brickyard Engineering (BYENG) 670, Tempe campus [map]

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.
Engineering Center F-wing (ECF) 103B, Tempe campus [map]
*FURI students—last chance

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
10–11 a.m.
Brickyard Engineering (BYENG) 670, Tempe campus [map]

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Apply to Changemaker Challenge by Nov. 22

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Changemaker Challenge is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from all four ASU Campuses to make a difference in local and global communities through innovation.

Students can win up to $10,000 to make innovative project, prototype, venture or community partnership ideas happen.

Engaging in the Changemaker Challenge prepares your for your professional and academic future by providing an opportunity to practice your skills in teamwork, leadership, project development, business plan creation, public speaking and network creation. You will also become prepared to enter into additional competitions for business plans and innovative projects.

If you have an idea for creating and implementing positive social change, enter the Challenge and make your idea happen.

Applications due Sunday, November 22, 2015 at 6 p.m. Apply now.


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Learn about startup team analysis, Nov. 4

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Innovators in the Fulton Schools are invited to a talk on Startup Team Analysis with Heidi Reeder, who received her Ph.D. from Arizona State University and is currently the director of Leadership & Human Relations in the College of Innovation and Design at Boise State University.

Reeder takes research-based evidence on what leads to high levels of commitment and helps audiences apply this knowledge to increasing their own commitment to critical goals, like sticking with their start-up teams.

Wednesday, November 4
4–5:30 p.m.
Schwada (SCOB) 105, Tempe campus [map]
Seating is limited. Sign up to attend

Reeder is the author of the book Commit To Win: How To Harness The Four Elements of Commitment to Reach Your Goals (2014), which The Economist magazine described this way: “Dr. Reeder identifies four key elements of commitment that allow pipe-dreams to be turned into positive achievements: the benefits of working towards a goal, overcoming difficulties, investing time, money and effort, and examining alternative choices. Her book is delightfully practical as well as informative, packed with intelligence and clarity of both thought and expression. Learned, yet eminently accessible, it is a rare pleasure.”

This session is hosted by the Fulton Schools Startup Center, which offers signature entrepreneurship and innovation courses, workshops, expert mentoring, new venture competitions, and other curricular and extracurricular events that expose students to the concepts of technology innovation and marketplace impact. Keep informed of Startup Center news—sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Questions? Contact Amy Sever, associate director of Undergraduate Student Engagement, at

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Attend Orbital ATK’s Co-op Info Session, Oct 15

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Orbital ATK Co op_Info Session Flyer_10-15-15

Geared towards mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering students in their sophomore, junior and senior years can attend the Orbital ATK information session this Thursday. Learn who they are, what they do and how you can accelerate your professional career with them. They will also provide helpful information about the Fulton Engineering co-op process and eligibility requirements.

Thursday, October 15, 2015
6:30–8 p.m.
Brickyard Artisan Court (BYAC) 260, Tempe campus [map]

Visit Sun Devil CareerLink for details on the co-op position and to apply.

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Jobs and Internships – week of Oct. 12

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Did you know you can use Sun Devil CareerLink (SDCL) to search degree-related job opportunities and internships, upload your résumés for recruiting employers to view, schedule on-campus interviews and see who’s recruiting at engineering career events throughout the year? If you’re not taking advantage of this resource, register for SDCL today. Want to learn more? Check out this SDCL Quick Reference GuideThis week there are 480 postings related to Fulton Schools degree programs in SDCL.

Follow the “Read more” link for just a few examples of what you can find in Sun Devil CareerLink this week.

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Apply for GORE research proposal awards, deadline Oct. 28

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The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University and W. L. Gore & Associates are offering $500 funding awards for the Fall 2015 semester to be used in the academic 2015-2016 school year for the following student activities:

  • Presentations at conferences.
  • Attendance at conferences for professional development.
  • Participation in technical competitions.
  • Execution of research or projects to buy materials and supplies.

Students must be a full-time undergraduate Fulton Schools of Engineering students in good academic standing from one of the following majors:

  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Materials Science and Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering (Tempe campus).
  • Engineering.
  • Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Product Development & Manufacturing Technology.

Students must be enrolled as Fulton undergraduate students during semester of award.

This funding cannot be used for a research stipend.

Gore is a technology-driven global company built on entrepreneurial innovation, integrity and teamwork. Through their product leadership, they have been changing lives and changing industries including fabrics, medical devices, electronics, and manufacturing for more than 50 years. Visit to learn more.

To apply, upload a proposal and a Faculty Approval form. Applications are due by noon on Wednesday, October 28. Apply online today!

Questions? Contact Jade Silva, coordinator senior with Undergraduate Student Engagement, at

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Register for the SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum, Oct. 16

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With the explosion of products that are utilizing Internet of Things, it will certainly face some challenges before reaching huge projected market sizes. The potential for smart, connected objects, wearable electronics and machine learning is beyond doubt. These applications will demand lower cost and lower power devices for a wide variety of industries. Join industry experts at Monetizing the IoT: Opportunities and Challenges for the Semiconductor Industry, a SEMI Arizona Breakfast Forum.

Friday, October 16, 2015
7:30-11 a.m.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
2100 East Elliot Road
Tempe, Arizona, 85284
Register online

Use the student code: AZSTUDENT to pay $15 registration.

Presented by the SEMI Arizona Steering Committee


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Halloween Decorating Contest: Win funds for your student organization

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Halloween decorating contest


Halloween is quickly approaching and we are thrilled to announce the 5th Annual Fulton Halloween Decorating Contest. Winners will receive fabulous prizes, photos and recognition In the Loop and Inner Circle, and Fulton-wide bragging rights. Put your creative minds together!

Registered Fulton Schools student orgs can work with their School’s staff to identify a space to decorate together. Both the School and the student org will receive financial support* for decorations and treats during the judging.

Deadline to register is Friday, October 23. Register online

Decorating must be completed by 5 p.m. Wednesday, October 28. Student judges will visit decorated locations on Friday, October 30, noon–3 p.m. Download the flier

2014 Halloween contestAwards Categories:
Best Costumes
Best Tricks or Treats
Best Sustainable decorations
Best Office Space
Best Advising/Student Space
Best Research Lab Space/Weird Science

Contest Guidelines

  • Student orgs are responsible for finding a Fulton space to decorate and getting approval from department staff.
  • All spaces decorated must be public Fulton Schools space.
  • All decorating and decorated spaces must adhere to safety codes.
  • Student orgs that decorate will also be responsible for removing/cleaning up for their area.
  • Decorating teams may use decorations purchased for previous years, donated or made by students and staff.
  • Student orgs will receive $250 (transferred to their ASU local account); a minimum of $50 must be used for decorating.
  • Fulton Schools’ Offices will receive $150 (transferred to an ASU local account) to assist with decorating costs ($50 minimum to be spent on decorations).

Questions? Contact Kristi McFarland, 408-965-1458 or, or Gerri Lux, 480-965-3422 or


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Save these Dean’s Funded student org events

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We’ve set the dates and times for the next Fulton Student Council-hosted meetings for Dean’s Funded orgs – mark your calendars!

Fulton Student Council: Event Planning In-Action Workshop 
Friday, October 16, 2015
2–2:45 p.m.
Century Hall, Polytechnic campus [map]
Sign up!

Learn how to plan an actual event in this mock workshop hosted by the Fulton Student Council and Fulton Schools Dean’s Office. Snacks will be provided. Note: Dean’s Funded organizations are required to send at least one representative to this event.

Fulton Student Council: Unwinding While Supporting Members
Monday, November 16, 2015
6–6:45 p.m.
Sun Devil Fitness Center (SDFC) Multipurpose Room 169, Tempe campus [map]
Sign up!
Dean’s Funded-organizations will chat with each other about how they can create a positive atmosphere for their members while preparing for the end of the semester. 15 minutes of yoga and meditation will be included.

Please note: your organization does not earn points by attending the Fulton Student Council meetings. Dean’s Funded organizations are required to send student representatives to these set meetings. 

Questions? Contact Cortney Loui at

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Let’s eat: #whatshouldwecallme Polytechnic Fulton Student Council Brainstorming

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If the Polytechnic campus had an organization that represented all of the Fulton students, what would it look like? Join the Tempe Fulton Student Council in brainstorming ideas for what that organization would look like and ideas from the current Fulton Student Council.

Friday, October 16, 2015
2:50–3:35 p.m.
Century Hall, Polytechnic campus [map]
Snacks will be provided.

Got questions? Contact Cortney Loui at

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Apply to become an Off-Campus Peer Mentor for the Polytechnic campus

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The Office of First Year Programs is seeking to hire Off-Campus Peer Mentors for the Polytechnic campus!

Off-Campus Peer Mentors are successful undergraduate students who support commuter and online freshmen not living in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Residential Community. Off-Campus Peer Mentors conduct regular programming for students and refer freshmen to Fulton Schools and ASU resources.

Apply online

Make sure to complete the three short answer questions on the second page of the application.

Contact Danielle Sosias at

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