Apply for a residential peer mentor position today (Tempe campus)

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Peer Mentors are upper-division Fulton students who live and work in the Engineering Residential Community on the Tempe campus in Palo Verde East and Palo Verde Main. You can help freshmen by serving as a resource for academic and social success.

Read the full job description and apply online!

The application will be open Nov. 1 at midnight until Dec. 1 at 3 p.m.

If you attend an information session or resume workshop (dates/times on the website above) you will receive priority consideration of your application materials.

***This application is open to all current Fulton Schools undergraduates on the Tempe campus. If you are a Barrett Honors student, you are encouraged to apply for a position in PV Main or PV East, but should watch the Honors listserv for information about positions in the Barrett complex. If you are a student at Polytechnic, you should apply for the Community Mentor position available at that campus. The application will be available in the spring semester.***

Read the job description and still have questions? Attend an info session or email Becca Salay.

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Sign up for FSE 194: Make world of difference through Engineering Education internship

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Sign up for classes and make a world of difference

Download and share the flier

Inspire the next generation of engineers by making engineering relevant to elementary, middle, and high school students. Enhance awareness and understanding of engineering. Demonstrate how engineering makes our lives better. Foster early interest and engagement in engineering. Shape the future!

Enroll in one credit of FSE 194: Pre K-12 Engineering Education Internship in a hybrid course format including succinct online modules, three face-to-face, 50-minute sessions, and one four-hour Saturday workshop. Complete a minimum of 10 service learning hours by delivering education activities in K-12 classrooms. Receive a polo shirt and name badge for participation in the program!

Questions? Contact Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh, assistant dean for Engineering Education, at

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Be an ASU global guide

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Have you ever thought about becoming an ASU Global Guide? International Student Engagement and New Student and Family Programs are currently recruiting domestic and international student leaders to participate in the ASU Global Guides program

As a global guide, you will help new international students as they transition to life at ASU by answering questions, providing valuable and important “need to know” ASU information, and most importantly, serving as a friendly point of contact for them!

The Global Guides Program is in progress of forming a matching buddy system during the students’ first semester—here, global guides may be paired with new international students who are interested in learning more about living in the U.S. If interested, please ask about this opportunity by indicating your interest in the comments section of the application.

Find out more about the Global Guides Program and its requirements by visiting their website. Apply online through January 5, 2015. If you have additional questions, please email


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Seminar: Nanoscale Science, Z60, Phantaspheraurate

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Seminar: Nanoscale Science, Z60, Phantaspheraurate
Professor Robert Whetten
University of Texas at San Antonio, Physics & Astronomy Department
Host: Jimmy Liu

nanoscience Whetten jpgMonday, November 24, 2014 
4–5 p.m. 
Gold Water Center (GWC) 487, Tempe campus [map]

Abstract: Discovery of new substances and their underlying principles consists not so much of “new materials analyzed by established methods” but rather of ancient ones elucidated by newly developed methods. So we had better focus on the advances — new instruments and procedures — that make discovery possible, prior to any particular application. Year 2014 marks the Centennial of Mass Spectrometry. Mass spectrometers (MS) are best known as ultrahigh precision, ultra-sensitive instruments. Yet they have been remade thanks to the new ion sources based on ElectroSpray (ES), as recognized by the 2002 Nobel Prize (John B. Fenn). Here at UTSA we are blessed with excellent MS instrumentation, which we have adapted to apply the ES-MS to a seemingly intractable metallurgical problem. We were motivated by longstanding questions regarding the geological and microbial origins of noble metals (such as gold and copper) in reduced (metallic) phases. A surprising new principle, denoted Z60, has emerged from this work, to explain the main anomaly. Beyond the elucidation of structure & bonding relations, the Z60 principle reveals certain aspects of hidden symmetry and a special topology. The latter provides a direct mapping to a cultural artefact largely unknown in the West, and thus well suited to broader educational purposes. Many UTSA colleagues & students have been involved already in key aspects of this exciting experimental & theoretical research. Their respective contributions will be briefly described. Also advertised are abundant opportunities for further development of these methods and systems, in order to attain new insights and products. 

Biography: Robert L. Whetten is Professor of Chemical Physics at the University of Texas (San Antonio), and has previously held full-professorships at UCLA (until 1994) and Georgia Tech (until 2012). His research interests lie in the area of Discrete & Molecular Metallurgy, including protected metallic clusters and noble-metal nanoparticles. He is also known for leading research in the field of fullerenes /metal-fullerides, employing primarily optical-spectroscopic and molecular-beam / mass-spectrometric methods. He has co-authored > 220 publications, which combined measure h = 80 (GS) / 77 (WoS). He has served many times as Conference (Co-)Organizer and Guest Editor, and as primary research advisor to 23 PhD students and 11 postdoctoral fellows. Whetten is a native of Mesa, Arizona, and holds degrees from Weber State University and Cornell University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Exxon Corporate Research-Science Laboratory, and has held visiting-professor positions at several overseas universities in Switzerland, Germany, France, and Finland.

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Order of the Engineer for graduating fall 2014 Seniors

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Be part of a Fulton Engineering Tradition!

All Fall 2014 graduating seniors and alumni of ABET-accredited programs as well as Professional Engineers, licensed in the United States, are invited to attend the Order of the Engineer Fall 2014 Ceremony. Participants may bring a guest.

Order of the Engineer is a commitment to uphold the Oath in engineering practice. The Order consists of individuals seeking to uphold the integrity, honesty and values all engineers should possess to better society. It is a lifelong commitment that begins with this Ring Ceremony. The ring is a symbol of the commitment to the Oath and is worn on the small finger of the working hand.

Register for the Fall 2014 Order of the Engineer Ceremony
Thursday, December 4, 2014
Memorial Union, Pima, room 230
Arizona State University, Tempe Campus

6pm Registration
6:30-8:00pm Ceremony
Register online here
$15 for students
$30 for alumni and faculty
Attire for this event is business casual.


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Become a Dreamzone Ally!

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DREAMzone is a comprehensive professional development program at Arizona State University that provides student leaders, staff and faculty with knowledge, skills and resources necessary to effectively respond to the presence and needs of undocumented students at institutions of higher education. The aim of the program is to establish visible support networks that aid participants in developing competencies for working with and improving the campus culture for undocumented students.

Become a part of this ally network and enhance your cultural competency!  Registration is required and we must get at least 15 participants, register online today.

Thursday, December 4, 2014
8 a.m.–12 p.m. (breakfast provided)
Engineering Center F-Wing (ECF) 130, Tempe campus [map]
Register online

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering will be hosting Dreamzone certification for faculty, staff and students! Contact Jade Silva, undergraduate student engagement coordinator, at for questions.

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ANSYS On-the-Go for Students

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As part of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering’s ANSYS teaching and research site license, an Academic Student ANSYS  license is  available for students to purchase for $25.00.  This allows the installation of the following products on their own computers:

  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • Multiphysics
  • Fluent
  • CFX
  • Autodyn
  • Workbench

To purchase the license, students should register on the ANSYS student portal,  by generating a student login with the following information:

Account Number (Customer Name):  203460
Academic Facility Name:  Arizona State University
Professor Name: (any)

ANSYS Student Portal
This is a portal that provides academic students access to a limited version of the ANSYS Customer Portal, boosted with student specific content. More specifically, ANSYS Student Portal users will have access to technotes, FAQs, knowledge resources, documentation, academic/student specific content and (sometimes) technical support. Students will not be able to access the download center, but will be able to access product documentation. The ANSYS Student Portal is intended to evolve and they plan to add more student specific content such as pages dedicated to their academic products, including pass through links to relevant online social media websites.

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Finish your USAID application, attend a work session

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The deadline for the USAID Research and Innovation Fellowship has been extended to Monday, Dec. 1. 

Visit USAID’s webpage for more information and how to apply, or attend a work session with a writing coach/tutor and grant specialist. They can help you with budgeting and/or answer any questions you may have.

USAID Research and Innovation Fellowship Work Session
Monday, December 17, 2014
2 p.m.
Wrigley Hall (WGHL) 401, Tempe campus [map]

Please RSVP to if you plan to attend!

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Thanksgiving — Joyce’s Career Tip of the Week

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Many of you will be having Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family later this week. Or, perhaps you will be spending the holiday with a friend’s family and meeting new people. Inevitably, someone, or several people are going to ask what you are studying in college, and what you plan to do after graduation – or some other variation of these inquiries. Believe it or not, these questions can provide valuable opportunities for networking and enhancing your job seeking skills.

Think about David DeLong’s F-I-N-I-S-H (which I have mentioned previously in several columns). The H stand for getting HELP from others. People who know and like you (and especially relatives who love you) would be delighted to be a part of your job seeking team. They want to help; but, you have to tell them what to do. Be prepared to talk about things you’ve learned that are of the greatest interest to you. Let them know the names of companies that are on your short list.

The ability to explain complex technical concepts to people who do not have technical background is a skill that is highly valued by employers. Granted, some of you are following the path of many family members and will be surrounded by those with strong technical knowledge; but, others are the first family members earning a technical degree. Take advantage of the opportunity to translate what you are learning into language that anyone can understand. You might even want to try including younger children in the conversation. In addition to being a role model, you would be creating a good STAR story to use in interviews.

All of us at the Fulton Schools Career Center want to wish our students and colleagues a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful to have the opportunity to work with all of you!

 Joyce Donahue is a Career Counselor in the Fulton Schools Career Center. She is a nationally certified career counselor and holds “Master Career Counselor” membership status in the National Career Development Association.

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ASU engineering student deemed one of Arizona’s future innovators

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Sarah Galvin, an ASU freshman electrical engineering student, is among the winners of the 2014 Arizona Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Awards. She was presented one of four Future Innovators of the Year awards at a ceremony on Nov. 13.

The awards program is organized by the Arizona Technology Council in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority.

Galvin was recognized for a research project she developed as a student at Corona del Sol High School in Tempe.

The research involves experimentation with using combinations of various materials to make devices that could pave the way for the next generation of electronics.

Earlier this year, the project earned her a first-place prize in the electrical and mechanical engineering category in the Intel International Science and Technology Fair for high school students.

Galvin is continuing the research at ASU. Read more about her work.

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Volunteers needed for FIRST LEGO League, Nov. 21

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Arizona FIRST LEGO League needs your help to set up qualifying tournament being held on the Polytechnic campus. Duties include moving supplies, putting together LEGO tables and setting up judging rooms.

Friday, November 21, 2014
6–9 p.m. (one-hour shifts available)
Student Union Cooley Ballroom and Sun Devil Fitness Center, Polytechnic campus
Sign up online

Questions? Contact Jennifer Velez at

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Building a playhouse for joy

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Five-year-old Angelita is paralyzed from an accident. Eight-year-old Teira has problems with her lymph system, thyroid and heart. Seventeen-year-old Monica is an avid hip-hop dancer fighting her second battle with leukemia.

These children — bouncing from one surgery to another, one hospitalization to another — long to rest and recuperate in their own room.

Marzi Heydarian, a junior, and Tuyet Truong, a senior, both majoring in construction management, were inspired by their stories and helped by organizing a playhouse build. An online auction to raise money will be announced soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Money from the sale will be given to Room for Joy, a local nonprofit that creates dream bedrooms for chronically ill children. Room for Joy’s mission is to help children heal by providing imaginative, medically appropriate rooms based on each child’s wishes and medical conditions.

Heydarian and Truong are members of Advancing Women in Construction, a program that supports recruitment, retention, and job placement for women students in the Del E. Webb School of Construction, part of the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, one of the Fulton Schools of Engineering.

“Our main goal for this build was to encourage students to become involved in planning and scheduling a build different than your typical construction project,” Tuyet said. “This build gave us the opportunity to give back to the community, something that AWIC likes to encourage.”

The project was the brainchild of Samantha Pinkal, a senior pre-development and marketing manager at The Weitz Company, who supports Advancing Women In Construction. Pinkal met Tory Smock, founder of Room for Joy, and they came up with the idea of sponsoring a playhouse.

The project took more than a year to plan. The students built the playhouse over three weekends in October, and Room for Joy is putting on finishing touches and decorating.

Soon the money will be making a difference. Picture a 7-year-old walking into a fairytale room with castles and princesses, or a 13-year-old opening the door to a Superman adventure. Students in AWIC are making a difference in our community.

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Apply for strategic research analyst position in the Office of University Initiatives

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The Office of University Initiatives seeks a creative, highly motivated, articulate undergraduate student for the position of Strategic Research Analyst. Work activities include conducting background research on multiple and diverse topics and giving informed recommendations on emerging initiatives at ASU. Applicants should be dedicated and reliable with strong critical thinking and analytical writing skills. We encourage you to apply if you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and are passionate about university-wide initiatives.

About the Office of University Initiatives: The Office of University Initiatives (UI) is a cultural catalyst at ASU. Through collaboration with other offices and departments across the university, in addition to state, national and international leaders, we help to shape and realize ASU’s goals. Much of our work falls into three overlapping categories: advancing our New American University, social embeddedness and university innovation at ASU.

For more information on how to apply please visit: deadline to apply is November 30. 

The Office of University Initiatives can be reached at

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IEEE Waves and Devices Chapter Technical Seminar, Nov. 19

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Join the IEEE Waves and Devices Chapter for a technical meeting on “Topics in Aircraft Electromagnetics: Rotor Blade Modulation and Radomes ” by Ron Lavin.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
6:30–8 p.m.
Goldwater Center (GWC) 487, Tempe campus [map]
Pizza will be served following the seminar.

Abstract 1: The rotational motion of a helicopter’s rotor blades can interfere with communication and navigation signal reception by imposing an unwanted modulation upon the amplitude, phase, and frequency of affected signals. The physics of rotor modulation is complex but can be reliably predicted based on the “quasi-stationary” technique introduced by professor Jean Van Bladel, and additional techniques developed by professor Constantine Balanis and members of the Advanced Helicopter Electromagnetic consortium at Arizona State University. This talk will introduce rotor blade modulation physics and provide examples of modeling it for different antennas on a helicopter operating from HF through Ku band. Strategies for mitigating rotor blade modulation are also offered.

Abstract 2: A radome (from RADAR + Dome, coined circa 1944) is a dome or other structure protecting antenna equipment and made from an electromagnetically transparent material. Aircraft radomes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and protect a variety of antenna types including weather radar, communications and navigation systems, and various sensors. Proper radome design minimizes unwanted electromagnetic effects such as attenuation, de-polarization, and reflection/refraction of signals, and provides bandpass characteristics appropriate for the application. A review of considerations in radome design is provided with practical examples.

Find more information at

Add this meeting to your calendar:

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Win up to $10,000 to make your idea happen, apply by Nov. 23

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 Are you dedicated to making a local or global difference through innovation? Apply to the Changemaker Challenge by 6 p.m. on Sunday, November 23, 2014.

The Changemaker Challenge is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from across the university to make a difference in local and global communities through innovation. Students can win up to $10,000 to make an innovative project, prototype, venture or community partnership ideas happen.

Academic Challenges
Changemaker Central is pleased to present eight additional opportunities in partnership with academic departments. By indicating that your project, prototype, program or venture meets the criteria for one (or more) of these challenges, your application will be considered for that challenge in addition to the Changemaker Challenge. Choose carefully! Applying for challenges not relevant to your solutions will result in a lower overall score and diminish the likelihood of advancing for any challenge.

Be an entrepreneursheep!

Be an entrepreneursheep!

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ASHRAE Meeting, Nov. 20

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Join the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) for guest speaker Adam King’s presentation on Lessons Learned. King is fairly new to the HVAC field and has been working at Southland Industries since 2014 while pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at ASU. Southland is a Design-Build firm that pushes both their mechanical design and construction capabilities. Southland is starting to build a Phoenix engineering group as they have recently moved. While at Southland, King has worked on a large project and several small projects. King will discuss a project he worked on as well as some of the design issues that were encountered and how they were remedied.

Thursday, November 20, 2014
6:30 p.m.
Goldwater (GWC) 487, Tempe campus [map]
Free pizza and drinks!

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