Update your professional portrait during March open studio hours

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The Fulton Schools of Engineering provide free professional portraits to all Fulton Engineering students, faculty and staff. These photos can be used for LinkedIn profiles, FURI student abstracts, news stories, student organization directories or the ASU directory.

Take advantage of open studio hours to update your professional portraits — no appointment necessary. Wear business attire; neutral colors are best — avoid stripes or patterns. Black and other dark colors are fine.

We have three studio locations for your convenience: Engineering Center G-Wing (ECG) 103, Brickyard Engineering (BYENG) 670 and on the Polytechnic Campus in Santan (SANTN) 330w.

NEW FOR 2015: Please bring your Sun Card or have your ASU ID number ready.

Upcoming open studio hours near the Engineering Student Center (ECG 103), Tempe campus

  • Thursday, March 5, 2015, 2–3 p.m.
  • Thursday, March 19, 2015, 10-11:30 a.m. (FURI students — last chance in this location for a portrait!)

Upcoming open studio hours in the Brickyard (BYENG 670), Tempe campus

  • Friday, March 6, 2015, 10-11 a.m.
  • Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 9:30-10:30 a.m. (FURI students — last chance in this location for a portrait!)

Upcoming open studio hours at the Polytechnic campus (SANTN 330w conference room), Polytechnic campus

  • Monday, March 23, 2015, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
  • Monday, March 23, 2015, 1-3 p.m.(FURI students — last chance in this location for a portrait!)

Contact Jessica Hochreiter if you have questions, need to schedule an alternate time or need the updated password to download your photo.

Open studio sessions are offered each month during the academic year, check back for more spring semester sessions.

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Fulton Schools news roundup

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Young engineering faculty rapidly building a track record of innovation and high performance
We are building a track record of high performance by young faculty members. This year already eight members of the faculty have been awarded NSF CAREER and AFOSR YIP Awards. “These highly-competitive and prestigious grants are awarded to young faculty with the best ideas in the U.S. Our young faculty are amazingly innovative and are already pushing the boundaries of their fields,” said Paul Johnson, dean of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. “In addition to being outstanding researchers, they are exceptional teachers, and their grant activities involve outreach to inspire the next generation of engineers.”

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Apply to VA Healthcare Systems Engineering Postgraduate Fellowship

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Overview: The VA Healthcare Systems Engineering Postgraduate Fellowship introduces recent engineering graduates to the growing field of healthcare engineering. The VA runs the largest healthcare system in the country, serving 8.7 million Veterans, and is a leader on many quality and safety metrics. The fellowship is based at the New England Veterans Engineering Resource Center (VERC) in the vibrant city of Boston, MA. The VERC is a dynamic group of engineers and process improvement specialists working on regional and national projects to enable VA healthcare to efficiently, effectively, and reliably provide exceptional care.

Eligibility: Candidates from master’s and PhD level accredited programs in an engineering field are invited to apply. Applicants must have a US citizenship due to federal employment rules. Visa sponsorship is not available for this program. Preference will be given to candidates with industrial or systems engineering backgrounds.

To learn more and apply visit www.newengland.va.gov/verc/fellowships.asp 

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AIAA meeting, March 19

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Join AIAA for a talk and discussion with Adarsh Ayyar, protection engineer at BAE systems, about Orthotic Load Assistance Device (OLAD). OLAD is a pair of mechanical legs made keeping the U.S. Navy in mind. This exoskeleton can provide support for about 100 pounds of load, helping prevent long-term injuries to the backs, knees and ankles of soldiers. OLAD is the inspiration for O-ArmX.

Ayyar is an ASU mechanical engineering alumni, has seven publications and eight conference presentations, and a pending patent for OLAD.

Bring your questions about the system (like “How can OLAD can help save the lives of military pilots?”) and BAE.

Thursday, March 19, 2015
4:30 p.m.
Engineering Center G-Wing (ECG) 227, Tempe campus [map]

Questions? Contact Kim at htngo1@asu.edu

Find AIAA on Facebook: AIAA ASU<

Download more information about OLAD

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BMES Canes Fundraiser, March 18

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BMES has arranged a fundraiser event with Raising Cane’s Restaurant to help raise funds for the officers to travel to Florida for the national BMES conference in October 2015.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
University Drive and Rural Road, Tempe, Arizona
Present the fundraiser flier (physical copy or an electronic copy) when ordering

Raising Cane’s will give BMES 20 percent for every order!

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Millennium Camera Unveiling: Jonathon Keats

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Join the ASU Art Museum for the installation of a camera designed by experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats to take a millennium-long photograph of the evolving Tempe skyline. The museum will unveil the photograph in a month-long exhibition scheduled for Spring 3015.

Friday, March 6, noon–1 p.m.
ASU Art Museum, Nelson Fine Arts Center, Tempe campus [map]
Free event

According to ASU Art Museum Curator Garth Johnson, the millennium camera will be installed on the museum’s third-level terrace, where museum visitors will be able to see both the city view and the photographic apparatus. “The ASU Art Museum is well-positioned to bear witness to the Tempe skyline as it evolves and changes,” says Johnson. “The span involved in Keats’ vision is at once humbling and empowering for a forward-thinking institution like ours.”

After the unveiling, Johnson will discuss these themes in conversation with Keats at a public lecture to be held on the museum’s third-floor terrace.

The camera unveiling is presented in conjunction with the Center for Science and the Imagination, and is free and open to the public.

After the unveiling and conversation, Keats will be running The Deep Time Photo Lab at ASU’s Emerge 2015 festival, providing an opportunity for visitors to create their own 100-year camera. Learn more about Emerge

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Applications extended for selected faculty-directed Study Abroad programs

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The application deadline has been extended for the following summer 2015 Fulton Engineering Faculty Directed study abroad programs:

Students must apply and confirm their enrollment by Sunday, March 8, 2015.

Questions? Contact the program’s faculty director, Amy Sever, associate director of Undergraduate Student Engagement at amy.sever@asu.edu, or Mandy Nygegger, international coordinator in the Study Abroad Office at mandy.nydegger@asu.edu.

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Seminar: Nanoelectric and nanophotonic devices, March 6

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Seminar: Nanoelectronic and Nanophotonic Devices: performance and scalability
Xiuling Li, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Friday, March 6, 2015
1:30 p.m.xuiling screenshot
Physical Sciences H-Wing (PSH) 153, Tempe campus [map]

This talk will focus on several platform nanotechnologies developed at Illinois. First, I will introduce a method to realize scalable 3D III-V transistors using MOCVD grown planar nanowire arrays. Planar nanowires represent a new nanowire paradigm that is self-aligned, defect-free, transfer-printable, and compatible with planar processing technologies. Monolithically grown HEMTs using GaAs planar nanowire array as the channel, will be shown with record fT/fmax. I will then discuss strain- induced self-rolled-up microtube (S-RUM) technology and its applications in dramatic miniaturization and performance enhancement of passive electronic devices; and guiding and accelerating neuron cell growth. Finally, vertical nanowire based solar cells and LEDs grown on heterogeneous substrates by MOCVD or fabricated using the anisotropic metal-assisted chemical etching (MacEtch) method will be demonstrated.

Xiuling Li received her B.S. degree form Peking University and Ph.D. degree from the University of California at Los Angeles. She joined the faculty of the University of Illinois in 2007, after working at a startup company for six years. She is currently an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her research interests are in the area of nanostructured semiconductor materials and devices. She has won the NSF CAREER award (2008), DARPA Young Faculty Award (2009), ONR Young Investigator Award (2011), the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research (2012), and Andrew T. Yang Research Award (2013). She is a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council and serves on the Board of Governors of the IEEE Photonics Society.


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IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program: Sensor selection for multistatic radar networks, March 6

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IEEE SPS Distinguished Lecturer Program: Sensor Selection for Multistatic Radar Networks

Maria Sabrina Greco, IEEE Fellow
Department of Information Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy

iee sps dlpFriday, March 6, 2015
11 a.m. 
Goldwater Center (GWC) 487


After an introduction to bistatic/multistatic radar systems, the talk will focus on multistatic passive radars. The characteristics of the systems with different sources of opportunity will be described. The concept of bistatic ambiguity function (BAF), often used to measure the possible global resolution and large error properties of the target parameters estimates, will be introduced and its relation with the Fisher Information Matrix (FIM) and Cramér-Rao Lower Bounds (CRLBs) highlighted. Some example will be provided concerning active LFM radar and passive radar using an UMTS or FM signal as source of opportunity. The information gained through the calculation of the bistatic CRLBs can be used in a multistatic radar system for the dynamic choice of the optimum Tx-Rx pair or set of bistatic channels for radar target tracking in a multistatic scenario. Taking advantage of the knowledge of the CRLBs is a kind of “radar cognition”, that, applied in multistatic realistic scenarios with both active and passive sensors, can improve the performance of the target tracker and reduce the computational load of surveillance operations. Some results will be shown in both certain anduncertain radar measurements.



Maria Sabrina Greco graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1993 and received the Ph.D. degree in Telecommunication Engineering in 1998, from University of Pisa, Italy. From December 1997 to May 1998 she joined the Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, USA as a visiting research scholar where she carried on research activity in the field of radar detection in non-Gaussian background. In 1993 she joined the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa, where she is Associate Professor since December 2011. She’s IEEE fellow since January 2011 and she was co-recipient of the 2001 IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society’s Barry Carlton Award for Best Paper and recipient of the 2008 Fred Nathanson Young Engineer of the Year award for contributions to signal processing, estimation, and detection theory. She has been co-general-chair of the 2007 International Waveform Diversity and Design Conference (WDD07), Pisa, Italy, in the Technical Committee of the 2006 EURASIP Signal and Image Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), Florence, Italy, in the Technical Committee of the 2008 IEEE Radar Conference, Rome, Italy, in the Organizing Committee of the CAMSAP09, Technical co-chair of CIP2010 (Elba Island, Italy), General co-Chair of CAMSAP2011 (San Juan, Puerto Rico) and Publication Chair of ICASSP2014, Florence, Italy. She is lead guest editor of the special issue on “Advanced Signal Processing for Radar Applications” to appear on the IEEE Journal on Special Topics of Signal Processing, December 2015, she was guest co-editor of the special issue of the Journal of the IEEE Signal Processing Society on Special Topics in Signal Processing on “Adaptive Waveform Design for Agile Sensing and Communication,” published in June 2007 and lead guest editor of the special issue of International Journal of Navigation and Observation on” Modelling and Processing of Radar Signals for Earth Observation published in August 2008. She’s Associate Editor of IET Proceedings – Sonar, Radar and Navigation, Associate Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine, member of the Editorial Board of the Springer Journal of Advances in Signal Processing(JASP), Senior Editorial board member of IEEE Journal on Selected Topics of Signal Processing (J-STSP), member of the IEEE Signal Processing Theory and Methods (SPTM) and Signal Array Processing (SAM) Technical Committees. She’s also member of the IEEE AES and IEEE SP Board of Governors and Chair of the IEEE AESS Radar Panel. She’s as well SP Distinguished Lecturer for the years 2014-2015 and member of the IEEE Fellow Committee.

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Play Oozeball like a champion—ASU’s 31st Annual Mud Volleyball Tournament

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Join us in a tournament of mud volleyball at ASU’s tempe campus!

Saturday, April 4, 2015
8 a.m.–4 p.m.
Alpha Drive Fields, Tempe campus (6th St. and Rural Rd.)

$15 Early-bird registration before March 15, 2015
$18 Late-registration through April 3, 2015
$20 During day of the event

Review the rules of oozeball.

Contact Dan Turbyfill.

Oozeball Flyer

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Inspire an interest for engineering in young girls—Create the new MacGyver

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The original MacGyver, a TV show about a spy who used his powers of engineering to solve problems, created an enormous interest for STEM field 30 years ago.

“I literally could not tell you how many times people have come up to me and said, ‘I became an engineer, or I went into the sciences because of MacGyver,” says Lee Zlotoff, the show’s creator. 

Now, in 2015, we are looking for TV ideas that will feature female protagonists who use their engineering powers to solve problems and inspire an engineering interest in young girls around the world.

There is a huge demand for women in engineering—while women earn 57% of all bachelor’s degrees, they only earn 19.2% of bachelor’s degrees in engineering. This competition is designed to inspire young people—particularly young women—to go into the engineering and sciences.

In this contest, 5 winners will receive $5,000 and the chance to partner with a successful Hollywood producer and develop a killer pilot script. You may form a team to enter the competition.

To compete, you must submit the following by the deadline April 17, 2015:

  • Title and genre of proposed TV series
  • Logline (2-3 sentence “elevator pitch” summary). See examples.
  • Synopsis of pilot episode (one paragraph)
  • Name and brief description of female protagonist(s)
  • One-liners on future episodes
  • Contact Information

Twelve finalists will be notified by May 18, 2015. The competition is open to anybody. So, do you think you can out-MacGyver MacGyver?

For more information about requirements, resources, and to enter, visit thenextmacgyver.com.

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Register for upcoming intramural sports

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Fulton Schools undergraduate students play for free! Sign up online and the bill gets sent to Fulton Schools automatically. Registration deadlines are coming up and team captain meetings are starting soon.

Consider attending the 3-point, Dunk and Skills Challenge (drop-in event, no registration necessary) on March 2-4.

Upcoming registration deadlines:

  • Register for Cricket by Tuesday, March 3 (Tempe campus)
  • Register for 4v4 Flag Football Tournament by Saturday, March 7 (Tempe campus)
  • Register for 10v10 Softball League by Tuesday, March 10 (Polytechnic and Tempe campus)

View the complete spring 2015 intramural sports schedule

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Meet with a Peer Career Coach — Joyce’s career tip of the week

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Next week is spring break! That means the semester is nearing its end and summer will be here before you know it.

If you will be graduating in May, are you still job hunting? If you are a continuing student, what career-related activities have you planned for this summer? Do you have an internship? Are you planning to do some information interviews and job shadowing? Have you identified the skills and experiences you need to develop as well as the job functions and industries that you most prefer? (Remember, “focus” is one of the key elements that leads to employment!)

Make time next week to look over available opportunities, reflect on what interests you the most and work on your résumé.

The Fulton Schools Career Center has Peer Career Coaches who are trained to help you with résumés and job search tools. Like you, the coaches will be off during the week of spring break. However, they will be available when you return to campus on March 16.

  • Students on the Tempe campus can schedule an appointment to meet with a coach at the Career Center in Centerpoint by calling 480-965-2966.
  • All Polytechnic campus students can make an appointment to meet with a coach in the Career Preparation Center by calling 480-965-2350.
  • Online students can call either office to arrange a virtual or telephone appointment.

Fulton Schools students also have the option of submitting a résumé for review through Optimal Resume (which can be accessed from the announcement page on Sun Devil CareerLink).

The Career Center will be closed for Discover E Day on Friday, March 27.  If you have not yet signed up to volunteer, consider this event an opportunity to use skills that translate into powerful resume bullets! Sign up to volunteer

All of us at the Fulton Schools Career Center wish you a fun-filled, relaxing and safe spring break and, as always, we look forward to working with you when you return.

Joyce Donahue is a Career Counselor in the Fulton Schools Career Center. She is a nationally certified career counselor and holds “Master Career Counselor” membership status in the National Career Development Association.

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Make a Difference – Teach for America

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Choose a job you will love. Choose to make a difference. Last chance for class of 2015 to apply – application deadline March 6. First chance for class of 2016 to apply. Learn more.

See the impact you can have as a teacher:

The basics

  • ALL majors and backgrounds welcome – you do not need to be an education major or hold a teaching credential to apply
  • Minimum 2 year commitment starting
  • Full salary and benefits ranging up to $50,000/year
  • Outstanding grad school and employer (Fortune 500 company) partnerships
  • Teach in 1 of 50 different communities nationwide
  • Positions range from pre K through high school
  • Teacher training and ongoing support throughout 2 year commitment
  • Receive a teaching credential and opportunity to pursue an M.A. in Education.

Teach For America is developing a movement of leaders who will help drive change at every level of our education system toward the goal of closing the opportunity gap in America. These leaders start their paths as corps members who teach for two years in urban and rural high-need communities and help students make the academic progress that expands their opportunities. Deeply affected by their teaching experience, Teach for America alumni continue to advocate for students and build lasting change in many different roles and fields.

 For additional information, explore the Teach for America website as well as the Southwest website to sign up for a time with a recruiter, or contact Veronica Aguilar  at Veronica.Aguilar@teachforamerica.org.

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Jobs and Internships – week of March 2

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Did you know you can use Sun Devil CareerLink (SDCL) to search degree-related job opportunities and internships, upload your résumés for recruiting employers to view, schedule on-campus interviews and see who’s recruiting at engineering career events throughout the year? If you’re not taking advantage of this resource, register for SDCL today. Want to learn more? Check out this SDCL Quick Reference GuideThis week there are 504 postings related to Fulton Schools degree programs in SDCL.

Follow the “Read more” link for just a few examples of what you can find in Sun Devil CareerLink this week.

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FURI Symposium Prep Workshops

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Have you ever presented at a research symposium? Do you know how to design an effective poster, describe your research and dress appropriately for a research event? If not, please come to a FURI Symposium Preparation Workshop.

Current FURI students will be available to provide their expertise on presenting at the upcoming FURI Symposium on April 17. Resources and discussion will also be available, as will light refreshments.

Let us know you’ll be there! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015
2–3 p.m.
Santan Hall (SANTN) 330, Polytechnic campus [map]

Friday, March 6, 2015
10–11:30 a.m.
Engineering Center F-Wing (ECF) 130, Tempe campus [map]

Drop-in when you can to learn how to give FURI Symposium your best!

If you are not a FURI student, but are a Fulton undergraduate student who is interested in presenting at the Symposium, contact us at furi@asu.edu.

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Let’s talk about officer transitions

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It’s election season! Is your organization ready to pass the torch to the new officers?

Come to this officers’ council to discuss the leadership transition. All officers and advisors within Fulton Student Organizations are invited.

Resources and discussions will be provided to help your group navigate the change in leadership in an effort to create the best leadership transition possible for your organization.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
3:30–4:30 p.m.
Engineering Center F-Wing (ECF) 130, Tempe campus [map]

Thursday, March 26, 2015
2–3 p.m.
Engineering Center F-Wing (ECF) 130, Tempe campus [map]

Let us know if you’ll be there or if you’d like to suggest additional times.

Questions? Contact fso@asu.edu.

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Mobile tower is students’ meteorological research tool

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Three ASU engineering students built a meteorological flux tower to study the interactions between the natural environment and urban development. From left, they are undergraduate civil engineering student Ivan Lopez-Castrillo, geological sciences doctoral student Adam Schreiner-McGraw and environmental engineering doctoral student Nolie Pierini. They are working under the guidance of Enrique Vivoni (at far right), an associate professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, and the School of Earth and Space Exploration. Photography by Jessica Hochreiter/ASU

In case you were wondering about the 30-foot-high metal tower that suddenly appeared amid a patch of trees on the east side of Arizona State University’s Tempe campus – the one with an array of sensors and monitors attached to it – it’s not capturing data from your cell phone or laptop as you walk by. It’s a meteorological flux tower assembled by three ASU engineering students.

The structure is gathering information about the surrounding ground surface and atmospheric conditions – tracking changes in moisture, carbon dioxide, weather and wind speed and direction.

The sensing devices are detecting and measuring evaporation and gas and heat transfer processes between the soil and the ambient atmosphere.

The students will be using the data as part of larger projects to study how an area’s natural environmental footprint is impacted by the built urban environment – and vice versa.

They plan to move the tower over about a year’s time to several locations on three or four of ASU’s campuses to get readings in a variety of different settings.

Look for a fuller report on the endeavor in the near future on Full Circle on the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering website.

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